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iPage is an excellent web hosting provider with convenient features that ensures no complex function handling is required from the user. Customer experience as well as feature packed solutions are what drives the company ahead. Join the revolution and experience world class service from one of the simplest interface.
  • Introduction

    iPage, is a leading web hosting solution provider was founded in 1998. The company has more than 1,000,000 happy customers.
    Currently, the company helps clients with website, email and security over the web.
    iPage through quality service offerings and fantastic customer support services have won major awards. The company with repeated reduction and recycling has earned the Green Badge As a result iPage has reduced its carbon footprint by 200%.
  • Value

    iPage focuses on the three main aspects of web a typical customer needs help with. They are as follows: Website, Email and Security.
    1.Website - Website not only displays the information regarding a service or product it also creates a brand identity. Customers can use the site builder tools and the pre-programmed scripts to make customized pages and blogs.
    2. Email - iPage offers customers an email solution which beats every other service hands down. The spam filters, unlimited mailbox and forwarding ensure that communication never stops.
    3. Security - iPage has created a secure environment which prevents attacks and scans for traps and malware all the time. The company also provides a security badge to the sites which adheres to all the security guidelines provided by the company.
    A customer gets all of the features plus $100 Google AdWords and $100 Bing or Yahoo ads as marketing credits all for just $1.99 per month per user. That is an exact 80% discount from what it would cost earlier. A customer can also pay upfront for a 3 year contract with the same first year charge. iPage also offers custom Wordpress hosting solutions. The standard hosting starts from $3.75 per month.
  • Support and Customer Service

    iPage has the best customer support service that is provided by any of the leading hosting solutions provider. User assistance is provided using the following channels:
    1. Knowledgebase – iPage portal provides access to hundreds of articles that provide an easy problem mitigation steps.
    2. User Guides – iPage maintains detailed user guides that provide task related information with the relevant screenshots.
    3. Instant chat messages – iPage offers support through Live Chat.
    4. Direct call –877-472-4399 is the direct dial in number which is addressed by an iPage specialist.
    5. Survey or Enquiry – A user can also drop suggestions or enquire about features using this option.
    iPage believes in total service of a customer. There are experts 24x7 available for each and every day of a year to look after the optimum performance. Feel free to test out the response from the support team.
  • Features


    iPage is packed with features which makes even a beginner feel like an expert web administrator. Below mentioned are some of the features IPage provides:

    Wordpress hosting

    IPage offers professional Wordpress hosting that help companies create responsive and fast blogs. There are two different plans which offer a standard as well as expert solution.


    A customer gets to pick domains from 309 TLD or Top Level Domains.

    Site Builder

    iPage offers site builder functionality with which users create websites with minimal effort just by an easy drag and drop. There are blog setup wizard, picture gallery wizard as well as personalized domains.
    WordPress, the most popular content management system is also available.

    Marketing Tools

    iPage offers a number of marketing tools to help companies get wider audience through improved visibility. iPage offers a free online store with shopping cart and PayPal integration to make companies e-commerce ready. iPage offers: Google AdWords offer, Special ads from Yahoo! and Bing sponsored searches.


    balancing servers help to maintain site traffic even during the peak hours. There is round the clock monitoring services. There is a 1GB cloud storage space to provide additional storage solution.

    Money Back Guarantee

    iPage has a 30 day money back guarantee for new users to claim a refund. All a user has to do is get in touch with the company to claim the money. To keep a registered domain, users have to shell out $15 as registration charges.


    iPage offers its customers standard backup plans which takes a copy of the entire hosted data in the web servers. It is usually advised to not rely on the service provider for the backup solution. Keeping a hold of your personal data saves users from unanticipated jitters.

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