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'InMotion prides itself in the technology that they use. They are constantly looking for new software, hardware or methods that go together with their existing tools. There are number of occasions when they have taken suggestions from their customers and after formal and proper assessment, they have added that particular functionality to all of their servers.
So in general InMotion guarantees reliable hosting, competent support and specialized service or they will get your money back.'
  • Introduction

    Choosing a hosting website is always a big issue in the market especially when you have so many options to choose from. Different hosting companies provide different offers to lure customers. Nevertheless if you are looking for a web hosting service that allows hosting personal or professional websites seamlessly, then you should definitely check InMotion hosting. Since its establishment in 2001, InMotion have created a loyal customer base and it keeps growing.
  • Value

    This Web hosting service has various plans according to the requirements of an individual. InMotion also offers various features like shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting. The company also offers free hosting tools like Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop etc, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and managed hosting.
    So it doesn’t matter if you are transferring a domain from one host to another or hosting a site for the first time, InMotion Hosting is a great web hosting service to do business with. The company is very trustworthy with the claims it makes before sign-up which aren’t always the case when you sign an account with other web hosting companies. Unlike other web hosting services they stand by their word when they make a claim that InMotion will not going to charge you for extra features or uncommon services which are often needed by companies in due course of time.
  • Support and Customer Service

    InMotion is an employee owned and operated company. The average employee’s experience is over 4 years and they are supervised by senior staffs that have over 10 years of experience in the web hosting field. The tech support team of InMotion is top rated due to the extensive knowledge of their employees who extremely friendly and responsive and reliable. This means all the queries of the customers are answered and support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    InMotion also put up documentation for building, maintaining and creating websites on their website under the web hosting support center tab.
  • Features

    Flexible Hosting Plans

    InMotion offers various hosting services; one of them is Shared business hosting. Shared business hosting is very useful for static websites or database driven websites or websites which have content management system or custom applications. There are three different plans for the shared hosting. The first one is $4.89/month, second one is $6.29/month which is best for individuals having small business and the third one is $10.49/month which is suitable for large and growing businesses. InMotion Hosting breaks the notion that all the cheap things are not good by featuring its cost effective value plans. InMotion plans are one of the cheapest plans offered by any web hosting company. Choosing a cheap and reliable web hosting is very critical. One also needs to keep in mind the features and values offered by web hosting companies who provide cheap hosting. InMotion not only provides cheap hosting services, it also offers many lucrative features which include 24X7 technical support, domain and email support. In short InMotion hosting offers best quality hosting facilities with cheap prices.

    Reliable Drives and Minimum Data Retrieval Time

    InMotions offers various features with the shared hosting plans. All of the plans have Samsung’s solid state drives. These ultra reliable drives are super fast which provides customers the facility to retrieve the data contents in minimum time and thus it reduces the data retrieval time.

    SSH and WP-CLI

    InMotion provides SSH access for all hosting plans and have also enabled the facility of WP-CLI. The WP-CLI feature makes the management of wordpress very easy. SSH feature also helps encrypts the data which in return keeps the sensitive information secure from unauthorized users.

    Customer Support Engineers

    InMotion customer services are top notch. They provide quickly run commands requested by the customers, change permissions, monitor logs and securely manage databases.

    Support for CMS Tools

    InMotion provides various one click auto installer applications. Customers can simply set up an application with just one click. It also has the facilities to update or reinstall the previous version. There are various hosting tools provided like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Moodle, and OpenCart.

    Email Features and Spam Guard

    The email features offered by the InMotion are very robust and is compatible with most of the desktop clients such as Outlook and Apple Mail. The Email features also runs on any phone without having any issues, be it iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. The emails have the functionality known as spam assassin to block spam mails. The spam assassin feature is included in all the shared hosting plans.


    InMotion also includes WYSIWYG editor in its content management system which is fully compatible with the web's popular design platforms like Adobe Dreamweaver and iWeb.

    Support for FTP Accounts

    Customers can collaborate using multiple FTP accounts and can also check their website statistics with AWStats or through raw log files. These files are also easily accessible from the Cpanel.

    Fast, Reliable and Affordable Hosting - UNIX

    The web hosting network of InMotion is based on Linux and UNIX operating systems which make the network very fast and reliable. The servers are constantly monitored for any kind of unusual activity and are continuously upgraded for performance. This allows the customer support in InMotion to immediately respond to any kind of short term issues which helps in keeping the servers in optimal position making it economical at all times. InMotion uses the above mentioned concept to provide domain name registration and web hosting. The technology and concept used by InMotion helps them to perform better than their competitors. InMotion is the only company which provides reliability and speed and that too with cheap prices.

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