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HostClear offers a clutter free and seamless experience. It is very hard to find a spot where HostClear does not excel in. The abundant features and services coupled with simple user interface have propelled HostClear to the number one reliable spot as a low cost web hosting provider. Try HostClear and judge the difference for yourself.
  • Introduction

    HostClear is a cloud based solution provider. Operating since 2009, HostClear is the leading low cost web hosting solution provider. HostClear provides a gamut of services like web hosting, web design, domain name registration to businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations.
    HostClear offers customized services and products catering to a wide variety of technological requirement including unmetered disk space and bandwidth, unlimited SQL databases, POP3 email addresses, etc. HostClear is one of the very few Web-Hosting companies which offer a wide variety of site builder tools which could be used by users with various skills.
    HostClear through quality service offerings and fantastic customer support services have won major awards including the prestigious “Host of the Year” award.
  • Value

    'HostClear has a single low cost yet unlimited plan. At $5.98 users get unlimited domains, unlimited SQL databases, unlimited email accounts, free domain name, free site builder. $100 bonus Google Adword credits, $100 Yahoo and Bing ad credits, 1GB cloud storage, WordPress blogging tools and cPanel is included within this plan.
    The plan offers the best software and technical spectrum that a company could possibly need. The company also offers few of the most lucrative promotional and discounts. Currently, a special introductory 50% discount offer is available for all new users. With $2.99 per month a user can avail a host of world class benefits including support for PHP, Wordpress, guaranteed uptime, unlimited backups and facilities for shared hosting.'
  • Support and Customer Service

    'HostClear has one of the largest fleet of trained experts who are ready to assist users 24/7.
    User assistance is provided using the following channels:
    Instant chat messages – HostClear support is available through Live Chat. In your web browser navigate to https://chat.hostclear.com/#start_chat for assistance.
    Direct call – A user can also directly call 866-585-7898 to converse directly with an expert.
    Email – A user can also drop an email to support@hostclear.com.
    All of the communication channels are well maintained and deploys the most knowledgeable experts. Fact is that 9 out of 10 times it provides the desired service which significantly enhances the user reliability and trust for HostClear.
    Also a knowledge repository embedded inside the support page of the company website and acts as an archive to answer common and popular problems. All a user needs to do is enter a keyword. The internal search engine mines out the filtered results.'
  • Features


    HostClear provides every feature that is essential for easy and smooth operation of a web application. Whether you are attempting to build a website from scratch or want to add a plug-in for your page, the company provides flexibility that serves a typical user’s purpose. Some of the unbeatable features from HostClear are as follows:

    Free Domain Name

    HostClear offers professional domain names free of any charge. Please note that if your account contains a free domain and you surrender your account then you have to pay $15 as domain registration fee.

    Unlimited Email address

    As a customer you get the facility of unlimited email address with access to webmail and key email features like auto responder, email forwarding, spam filters, and virus checkers. You can avail and use all the Email features right from the cPanel.

    Site Builder

    HostClear offers an easy drag and drop site builder functionality which helps users create websites with minimal effort. With thousands of templates and unique Blog setup wizards, designing and beautifying your website is a cakewalk. If you need a little more, you can also install few of the most popular content management systems namely WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

    Marketing Tools

    HostClear offers a number of marketing tools so as to help websites climb up in Page rank and attract more visitors. For retail needs HostClear offers a free online store along with options to choose your shopping cart and PayPal integrations. For getting that extra edge amidst the online markets , HostClear offers: Google AdWords offer, Special credit for Yahoo!, Bing sponsored searches, Free listing on Yellowpages.comAn unique and free US-based toll-free number.

    CMS Tools - WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla

    HostClear provides its users an opportunity to create blogs and forum layouts as well as ecommerce facilities using WordPress , Drupal, and Joomla with the very famous cPanel. Also as far as programming languages are concerned, HostClear supports PHP, Ruby on Rails and JavaServer Pages.

    Security Features

    HostClear offers hosting plans at dirt cheap rate but it does not compromise on security. All of the interactions and communications happen over a secured encrypted channel ensuring highest standards of security.

    Money Back Guarantee

    HostClear offers a 45 day window for new users to claim a refund. The entire amount is refunded except the domain registration charges. However, if the payment for the new account was made using bank wire, money order, or western union, you might not be eligible for a refund process.


    Weekly backup of the servers are maintained by HostClear. This feature is similar to what most hosting companies offer. It is however advisable to maintain your separate backups, just for the sake of safety. Also, please note that if any account contains more than 20GB of data, the backup for that account is skipped.


    HostClear offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostClear promises to offer users a one month credit, if they fail to deliver the assured uptime.

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