What Web Hosting Type Is Right For You?

The best website is that which incentivizes its readers to perform a particular action such as downloading a book, leaving a comment on a post or clicking on a product with the aim of buying. These are critical activities that you cannot compromise if your business is to move forward. The type of web hosting you choose should therefore support these and other functionalities.

You cannot compromise if your business is to move forward

Free Hosting

When setting up personal blogs and sites with little activities, free hosting can be the best option. This is because you are not charged anything, but in exchange you may host the provider’s advertisements. However, if your business involves high level interactivity, a free plan may put your reputation to question.

Shared Hosting

Modest informational or ecommerce site can benefit immensely from shared hosting because of its cost effectiveness and somewhat impressive disk space and bandwidth. Before you figure out whether your site needs additional features to support the traffic and activities on it, shared hosting can be an economical point to start.

Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting provides for exclusivity in the utilization of server resources. You can either have managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting. In managed hosting, your server maintenance issues will be handled by experts leaving you to concentrate on running your business. On the other hand, unmanaged dedicated hosting gives you access to the root of your server for more control on server utilization.

Cloud Hosting

The benefits you will enjoy in cloud hosting are similar to those of dedicated hosting only that your site performance will rely on several servers. This will eliminate the single point of failure issue because when one of the servers suffers a technical failure; your site will immediately shift to other servers. This is known as cloud hosting redundancy or failover and is appropriate for high volume informational sites, large ecommerce sites and data streaming sites.

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